March 14, 2012

Chuck E Cheesus...

i'm really getting bad about posting anything on time, or posting at all for that matter. NoNo's birthday was 10 days ago, and i'm just now getting to it. it's not like i've been uber busy the past 2 weeks or anything, i'm just lazy (and not afraid to admit it). we let NoNo decide where he wanted to have his party this year, and yep, he chose "Chuck E Cheesus". thankfully, the Chuck E Cheese has had a little overhaul, and is quite clean and updated. and if you plan a party in the middle of the one else is there! he had a really great time with all his friends, and we still managed to leave there with 100 extra tokens (argh...just means we have to go back). 

i can't believe he's 4. 4?! in a year he'll be going to kindergarten. where does the time go? 

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