October 5, 2009

Preston's First Day of School

i still can't get over how big the boys have gotten, or that this is the 3rd year of school for both of them! hmmm...i'm thininking only about 17 more years before they're ALL off to college...

October 3, 2009

Heels and Hills

i must be crazy...i signed myself up to run a half marathon almost a year ago, but the original race day (back in May) was cancelled due to heavy flooding, so they rescheduled for the end of September. i stopped training back in May and didn't run all summer...crazy idea...so, come race day i was little worried i might be the person they have to scrape off the concrete and haul off on a stretcher. luckily i finished in what i would call a decent time, considering it was freaking hot and i hadn't put on my running shoes in months. i'm now wondering if i should try that again?!!