October 10, 2012

September (oh crap, it's October) recap...

i'm absolutely horrible at this. this blogging thing. it's been more than a month since i've posted anything, and of course a lot has happened in the last 6 weeks. once school starts it's a mass chaos of scheduling conflicts bombarding our household (and put on top of that, having a baby?!) so, let's make this kind of quick...

we started off September by celebrating P-Donculous birthday. i'm pretty sure that every year i have the same photo of the the 3 of them shirtless behind a cake. the only differences might be the kind of cake and that those buggers keep getting bigger.

the same weekend we celebrated a birthday, we also had our opening weekend of sports. this year we now have all 3 boys playing soccer, and P-Donculous also plays football, so, that means just about every Saturday we have 4 games to juggle. i have yet been able to make it to all 4 games. scheduling is a nightmare and 98% of the time there are at least 2 games scheduled for the same time, which means The Husband and i have to split our sideline cheering time between the boys. i don't know what we're going to do once Miss Pink starts participating in sports and we have the possibility of 6 different events in one day. 

anyway, back to this week's big event...NoNo's very first soccer game! he surprised us and actually played a great game, considering he spent the last practice before the game crying for the first 30 minutes. so proud of little dude. look how cute he is in his replica Barcelona uniform. he's also the youngest kid on the team by  2 years, so, he's doing pretty good at holding his own. it only took him 5 games before he scored his first goal, but you would have thought he scored the winning goal in the last second of the game the way i was screaming on the sidelines.
of course, we can't leave out the beginning of football...our Longhorn team has gone undefeated so far this season, which means we get lots of criticism from other teams that we're cheaters and we play dirty. seriously?! it's 1st grade flag football people, how in the world are we cheating? this is the biggest problem with small town sports and the way parents expect every team to win, each kid to score, and everyone gets a trophy. wake-up parents. those participation trophies your kids are getting are not going to get them into college. sorry, i was up on that soap box thing. what was i talking about? oh, my own kids...yes, so i managed to get pictures of 2 of the games that day, but because of scheduling i haven't been able to get P-Donculous or C playing soccer this season. (i still have a few more weeks before the season is already over) 
move up a couple weeks and we now have Homecoming week. i didn't get the best pictures this year, but i can blame that on the fact that C had to be taken to the ER clinic right as the parade was starting, because he busted his chin open (leave it to C to walk under a sign and slice his chin wide open). for being in such a small town, we have the longest parade ever! it took almost 2 hours, and they have this thing on a Wednesday night, so the kids then have to get up for school the next morning...lame

NoNo's PreK class went on their first field trip. for most kids it's the first time any of them have ridden on a bus, but since my kids take the bus every morning to school, nothing new for him. and they went to the pumpkin patch, the same one we've been going to for the last 5 years, so, not so new and exciting for NoNo. 
on top of all of our other activities, we've been trying to get Miss Pink's room put together. you would've thought that the years of waiting for her arrival would have given me plenty of time to know what i wanted in a little girl nursery, but nope, i was at a complete loss of creativity. we finally had the room painted, which of course makes the rest of the house look like crap, but at least her room is all new and shiny. i painted some of the furniture. trying to make it different, since it's the same baby furniture we've had since C was a baby (10 years ago!). i tried my hand at some abstract art and i'm in the process of putting together some mismatched frames for the wall. this crafting thing is for the birds. i would much rather find someone on etsy to make it for me. eventually we'll have everything in place, i'm hoping before she gets here...