April 30, 2010

just like a biker chick...

well, maybe not exactly like a biker chick...what happens when you have bored housewives? a few things will end up happening: 1) the obvious is drinking, which has already been done in copious amounts. 2) excessive exercising, which apparently has also happened. 3) visiting a tattoo parlor. okay, so it may not be that random, but when everyone else is doing it...why not?! don't worry, this was not on a whim. i've been thinking about this for some time and since it wasn't my first trip to the ink master, it shouldn't come as a surprise (granted it has been almost 16 years since my last visit).

i honestly don't remember the pain being so intense, but like anything else i do (like running 20 miles) the pain is temporary. i'm very proud of my new addition...

i'm sure you're asking, "what's the meaning of it all?"
it's a representation of my boys. each star is the color of their individual birthstone color...the boys were actually quite tickled that i have a "real" tattoo just for them...

April 13, 2010

don't be a donkey...

definition: (n) Undoubtedly the most commonly used insult in poker is Donkey. “You are a donkey,” or “He was such a donkey.” Usually directed at a player who is consistently bad, or who engages in some particularly sub-optimal play. However, as with any insult, its uses are wide and it can generally be employed in any vaguely derogatory fashion.
take a look at the amazing prizes we have. who wouldn't want to play? everyone at the final table goes home a winner!!
*1st - $2500 visa Giftcards
*2nd - $1250 Visa Giftcards
*3rd - $750 Visa Giftcards
For 4th – 9th we have the following:
*Foursome from Gentle Creek Golf Club
*Foursome from Craig Ranch Golf Club ($800 Value)
*Callaway Golf Items (Driver, Balls, Shoes - estimated to be about $450-500 value)
*4 Founder's Club Tickets to a Frisco RoughRider baseball game & 1 Parking Pass
(The tickets include All-You-Can-Eat AND DRINK (beer, wine, soda) from the four different locations: JCPenney Club, Sports Den, Mirassou Sunroom, and InTouch Grille - all located in the stadium).
*Texas Rangers baseball tickets with Platinum seating and parking
* $100 Giftcard to Ruth’s Chris Steak House

what i'm saying is...if you don't play...you might consider yourself a donkey...
(of course this does not apply to my out of town friends, unless you want to make the trip out next weekend)

April 12, 2010

it's about time....

finally, after 10 weeks of training, we have a group shot! the whole team got together last week for our pizza fundraiser night, and it was a huge success. a ginormous thank you to Harry Awad (owner) and Palio's Pizza for hosting such a great night, and thanks to all the families who came out to support us. we had such a great time working that i started second guessing this whole stay at home mom thing....

Hank's Homies
Jessica K. - Me - Harry - Jen K. - Ana J. - Jessica D.

this weekend we are scheduled to run 16 miles, but unfortunately we had planned (back in January) to surprise the kids by taking them down to San Antonio and Sea World for big man's 8th birthday. which means i'll be missing the group run on saturday!! which means i have to run 16 miles alone, in a strange place! i'm starting to wonder if walking around Sea World would be enough and just skipping the run part, but i don't think skipping the week before our 20 mile run is going to be a good idea.

oh, if you're wondering about the caption, Hank's Homies, that's what we've named ourselves. in honor of our hero, Hank K., whom we've been running, fundraising, and praying for. join the club, we even have hats...HOLLA!

April 7, 2010

everyone needs a Stay-Cation...

i know i do....so, this may only apply to my localites, but it's probably one of the best and easiest fundraisers i'm doing. our Team in Training group is having a drawing for a mini Stay-Cation. it's simple really, from now until May 1 any donation you make towards my fundraising goal will be entered into the drawing. for every $10 donated you will recieve one entry...the more you donate...the more entries you will earn!! wanna know what you're going to win? how does this sound....
2 Nights at aLoft Hotel in Plano

a $250 gift card to Bob's Steak House

and a $50 gift card to CineMark Theaters

really, it's that simple! it's the perfect "date night"! all you have to do is donate...and for my locals...i take cold hard cash as well. wow! this is really exciting, but not quite as exciting as the 12 miles i'm going to be running this weekend, but it's right up there...

April 6, 2010

exactly 2 months from today...

at this time, exactly 2 months from today, i will have already finished running 26.2 miles. it's crazy to think that i will have accomplished something so far fetched, but i'm actually starting to get excited about the exhileration i'm going to feel. yes, training for the marathon has been tough and will only get harder in the next few weeks (running 12 miles this week, 16 miles next week, and 20 miles by the end of the month!!), but after hearing of our honored hero coming out of remission with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, running is a cake walk. our small group has already raised over $11,000 in the past 2 months, but we are still shy of our goal by $3,500. i'm hoping that in the next few weeks our fundraising efforts will prove to be more substantial. we have an awesome local pizza place that has offered to host a fundraising night and we all look forward to putting on an apron to help out.

not only are we having pizza night, but our final big event will be the Poker Tournament.

it really looks like we're going to have a ton of fun with this and i wish it were that easy for everyone to attend, but for those of you non-locals....you can always help by donating...

April 4, 2010

happy easter

almost missed the boat on Easter this year. guess i've been so busy with the boys soccer schedules, my running schedule, and trying to keep my kids fed and clothed. their poor little buckets were so pititful, but i don't think they minded too much...we woke up to find a living room full of candy wrappers. too bad dudes, that was breakfast!

the rest of the weekend went very well. yesterday was my 10 mile training run. yes, 10 miles!! i actually was a little nervous about running this week, after last week's horrible sit on the curb and cry kind of run. i actually felt great this week; fundraising is going a little better and the weather is finally warming up. we'll see how long this excitement and comfort with running lasts...next week we have 12 miles on the schedule...