May 31, 2011

project found...

I knew that I needed a distraction, and I think I've found one. I stumbled upon the newest craze...a 30 Day Photo Challenge. kind of like my 52 Week Project, but this is a little more challenging. I'm following the rules of White Peach Photo, which looks a little something like this:

30 Day Challenge
Day 1 - self-portrait
Day 2 - what you wore today
Day 3 - clouds
Day 4 - something green
Day 28 - flowers
Day 29 - black and white
Day 30 - self-portrait

the challenge...i can't just take random pictures of the boys and call it a day. it's kind of like a scavenger hunt that lasts all month. oh, it starts tomorrow...

May 19, 2011

next stop, Kindergarten...

yesterday was a very joyous occasion in our house. i'm really not sure who was more excited, me or P-Donculous. the minute he woke up he was running around the house in his underwear singing "graduation day, graduation day...i can't believe it's graduation day!" i'm thrilled that this means school is out for summer (well, at least for the little dudes anyway) and that in a few short months school will start back again, but this time P-Donculous will be off to Kindergarten. although, P is going to be a little disappointed when he finds out that Kindergarten doesn't start for another 14 weeks! he was pretty dead set on getting on the bus next week and heading off to school. i'm not saying i don't love having my kids around all day everyday, but summer break is loooong enough. in August, i'll be happy to have TWO kids getting on the bus whisking them away.

back to Graduation Day...The Husband was sure that i was going to be a sobbing mess, but i'm pretty sure i've shed enough tears in the last month to last me a while. i was actually very happy to see P-Donculous walk across that stage (announcing that he was going to be joining the Army when he grows up) take his little diploma, hug his teacher, and skip off the stage like the goof that he is...

May 15, 2011

that's refreshing...

when i finally downloaded some pictures off the camera, i realized i hadn't taken any pictures in almost a month. i really have been neglecting my life. then i came across this gem that made me smile and thank the stars.
i'm glad that the boys have kept me busy with sports, but now it's time for relaxation and fun. school gets out in a few weeks and i am beyond excited for summer this year. i've already gotten a taste of the good life...had my first sunburn and secretly liked it. yeah, yeah, next time i'll remember the sunscreen, but the pain and itchy skin reminds me of summer vacations. WooHoo! bring it on Mr. Sunshine. i'll be waiting for you with my SPF30...

May 8, 2011

waiting to exhale...

it's been 2 weeks now since we got the phone call, and slowly but surely i've gotten to a point where i don't cry every day. i've moved past the feeling sorry for myself stage, but now i'm moving into the feeling guilty for neglecting the rest of my family stage. i feel guilty that i haven't even talked to my mom, or even my mother-in-law, i haven't been keeping up with my usual 52 week project, i haven't been going to the gym, i haven't been eating like i should (damn chocolate bunnies keep finding their way into my mouth), i haven't been involved with the kids and their activities, and i've even neglected to give The Husband the attention he deserves (i sometimes forget he lost something too, not just me). i'm absolutely disgusted with myself and it's about time i snap out of it, but i just can't bring myself to. i need a new "project" that will get me back on track and back in a better mindset.

so, now what? it's the big question anyone asks when they have the courage to say anything at all to me. i understand that it's a touchy subject and i too would be afraid to ask someone in my position. well, to be honest, i don't know yet. i still want another baby, but at what cost? i need a "project" that i can focus on now. there's always running another marathon, but ugh, the thought of running makes me want to puke. i feel like i've been holding my breath for the last month just waiting for the right moment to exhale and move on...