February 28, 2012


you probably thought this post was going to be about something totally different, didn't you? well, i guess it depends on how many pseudo Catholics out there happened upon this blog based solely on the today's title. well, folks, Purgatory isn't just a place for temporary punishment before being allowed into Heaven, but now i get why this quaint little ski resort is called Purgatory. 

after months of planning (and saving! skiing = $$$) we packed up the gear and flew out to Colorado. we were lucky enough to be staying with friends that allowed us to crash at their house for the week, but even with the cost of lodging out of the way, taking the family skiing is a wallet buster! Whoa! taking the family skiing has got to be one of the most expensive vacations you can take. on top of the usual stuff you're paying for (flight, hotel, and food) there's the gear and the rentals. and with 5 of us, that's A LOT of gear!

The Husband and I have been skiing before (it's been 9 years since the dreaded skiing accident), but it had been so long since we actually spent so much time on the slopes that my nerves were shot. i spent the entire morning the first day sick to my stomach and sweating with anticipation for what was about to be quite a pleasant experience. we put the boys in ski school and took off. of course, NoNo was not having any part of ski school and we could hear him crying half way up the mountain. i don't blame him, the boots are painful, it's cold, and falling down is scary. at least he didn't have to ride the lift to the backside of the mountain with the wind blowing so hard that you were afraid you might fall off. yep, i was the one clenching the back of the seat and closing my eyes for the dreaded ride up the mountain. 

after 5 days of hitting the slopes hard, my body was done. let me tell you, no amount of working out can prepare your body for skiing. even after spending the last month "preparing" for the ski trip, i was still completely in pain, exhausted, and beat down. maybe it's just my age, because the kids are already asking when we can go back, and i'm glad ski trips are only once a year! i actually brought the big camera out, so enjoy the pictures...

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