May 7, 2010

mother's day...

i'm stealing this idea from Jess (and since she's one of the oldest longest friends i have, she won't care). this sunday is Mother's Day, but honestly it's just like any other day to me. yes, i am a mom, and have been for 8 years now (3x over), but to me Mother's Day should actually be a MOM-FREE Day. like x-mas, everything is closed for business. no mom duties all day! i'm making signs and forming a picket line in my yard right now. i'm officially calling for no diapers, no cooking, no cleaning, no soccer games, no kissing boo-boos, and if i feel like having a drink at 10am I WILL!! it's "mother's day" every day at my house, so, when they make an official holiday, it should be a freaking holiday! i don't want wilted flowers or half eaten candy, i want a day off!

now that being is still a holiday reserved for mothers, which i have 2 of (second by marriage, but i've known her almost half my life now, so that counts for something). since they both put aside their motherly duties a long time ago, it is only fair to reward them now with a showering of gifts and love notes. they both now have the joy of being a "GRAND"mother, which, from what i hear is pretty darn rewarding in itself. so, this mother's day is for them (not me)....
*thanks mom for being who you are and not judging me for who i am

(click on the pics to see them even BIGGER)

*to my mom-in-law - thanks for being who you are and for giving me my gift (babycakes)

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Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

moms are super dee duper awesome. and yes, i want a day of NOTHING.