May 25, 2010

just a frog...

thought i would post a few pics of the kids from the other day. my kids found a frog in the pool (good thing that doesn't freak me out...we've actually found a lot worse in there) and that poor thing was tortured for 20 minutes before it finally escaped. and by escaped, i mean one of the dads took it across the street to the creek to freedom! it was crazy how excited all the kids were to throw it in the pool hold it and have there picture taken. i think all but 2 of the 9 kids we had over had their picture taken, and not a single one of them washed their hands (sorry moms).
(my fave pic of the day - thanks D)
(P-Donculous was so excited to hold the frog)
(NoNo was a little skittish)

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