January 25, 2010

why do i waste my time...

my hubby doesn't travel much, but when he does he's gone for a week here or a week there, which really messes with the schedule around the house. i honestly get way too lazy (will not post a picture of my disaster of a kitchen) when he's not around. i put the kids to bed and then i spend all my time either eating, watching tv, or doing this.
well, since hubby happens to be out of town now, i had planned on making a delish dinner for the kiddos and myself....AARGH! why make this:

(super delish Asian Noodle Salad)

when all my kids want to eat is this crap:

(sorry Betty Crocker - it may not be crap, but really, wouldn't you choose the other one?)

i'm not going to say i'm mad, because i might have spent all afternoon preparing the super easy dinner that they didn't eat, but i'm not mad...it just means more for me! so you can see my frustration with healthy eating when hubby is not around. i can't stand wasting my time cooking and cleaning when the stinkin rug rats don't even care! at what point do they start to really appreciate good cooking?

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