March 30, 2013

it's been 3 months already...

i really thought that i would have had a little more time on my hands to sit down and keep track of Miss Pink's life, but i guess that those high expectations went out the window, along with my sanity, on the day she was born. okay, okay, it's not entirely her fault, but she's young enough that i can still blame things on her and not just my laziness. quite a bit has happened since we finally got settled in. i'll just stick to the highlights, since not everyone really cares how many times a day i'm changing poopie diapers. 

by the time we took Miss Pink in for her 2 month check up she had gained almost 4 pounds! well crap, 4 pounds may not seem like a lot, but for her, she gained more than 1.5x her birth weight (imagine gaining 1.5x your own weight in just 8 weeks...ewww). i really thought she was looking chubby and huge, but HA! she was still so much smaller than the boys at that age. she really is a peanut compared to other babies. 

since i am not a professional, and my kids would never sit still long enough if I told them to, i had a friend come and take the boys first pictures with their sister. (thanks LWP)
so, like i said before, a lot has happened in the last 3 months. NoNo turned 5! i can't believe he's 5! starting kindergarten in the fall (less than 5 months away) and i'll be home with a munchkin. a super cute munchkin.

i really thought that being a mom for the 4th time would wreak some serious havoc on my psyche, but surprisingly things have been pretty mellow. i think that being a little older and having had done this 3 times before, i'm just taking this whole new mother thing pretty easy. i'll giver her some credit though, she's an extremely easy baby. she started sleeping through the night right around 6-8 weeks, and last night even slept for 10 hours straight! she's been giggling and cooing since she was about 7 weeks old and right at her 3 month birthday she figured out how to roll over. she's perfectly perfect...

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