April 16, 2012

2:12pm April 16, 2002...

10 years ago at this very moment i was trying my very hardest to push out 6 pounds and 15 ounces of pure joy out of my lady parts. looking back, there's not a moment that i haven't forgotten. i remember watching my family pace around the room anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first born grandchild. i'm not going to lie, the room was a little crowded. with me, The Husband, my mom, my mother-in-law, my nana, a very close friend, my nurse, the baby nurses, the doctor (who really only showed up 5 minutes prior to the big show), and a couple nursing students, you would think we would've been breaking a couple dozen fire codes.

luckily for me, and being my first experience with baby making, it was a fairly easy process. labor really only lasted a few hours and then there were the 2 hours of pushing, but at 2:12pm C finally made his appearance. there was a lot of oohing and awing, a little crying, and a big sigh of relief. he was healthy, happy, and bald. i can't believe they let us take him home 2 days later. we had no clue what to do once we left the hospital. we eventually figured it out, because i like to think we've molded him into somewhat of a good kid.

i've spent most of the day looking through pictures and baby books laughing at the silly outfits, bad hair, and chubby cheeks. i did very well at keeping up with his baby book (not so much with the next 2). one of the entries was a question about his name and what other names we had considered. i honestly don't even remember how we decided on his name, but some of the other candidates i had listed were: Carter, Caden, Camden, and Mason. funny, because i can't see him with any of those names now.

i hope that one day he'll know how much he has meant to us and how proud we are that he has turned out to be such a handsome well-rounded little man. and yes, i can say little, because that's what we are...little. i hope he doesn't hate us for being hard on him about turning off the lights in his room or turning his socks right side out every time he takes them off. i hope he doesn't frown upon the fact that he will probably always be the short one in the group (trust me, it's tough). i hope he appreciates his brothers and never takes them for granted. i hope he knows we love him...
Happy 10th Birthday C!

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