September 21, 2011

because i'm not going to show you my panties...

yes, you read that correctly. my friend, Angie Pangie, posted yesterday about looking into your panty drawer. you know, to see what's getting used and what's collecting dust. it's really about what she calls a MEME. what's a MEME you ask? well, i didn't know either, so, i'll let her explain:
  The dumbed-down definition as it applies to blogs: Publishing a post with a central idea that is common among any blogger who chooses to participate. See: Wordless Wednesday, 100 Words, Haiku Friday, NABLOPOMO, etc. Most of these Memes have been long forgotten, but there are some old schoolers who still participate. (via ~ awholelotofnothing)

well, i was a little bored today, but not bored enough to clean up my little drawer of skivvies. and by little, i mean it's the smallest drawer i have (other than the one that keeps my toothpaste and tweezers). honestly my underwear drawer is nothing exciting and there's actually a pair of boxer shorts in there that aren't even mine.

so, my lucky readers (all 19 of you), you get a chance to see into my closet, but just one little corner on the bottom shelf. at first i didn't think it was that big of a deal, but when i sat down and looked at what i had photographed, i was a little embarrassed. yes, i admit it...i have a shoe problem.

1. yeah, that's right, there are 16 pairs of flip flops (and that doesn't count the couple pairs i have stashed in the garage for emergencies)
2. the second shelf hold 6 pairs of random shoes that get worn maybe once or twice a year
3. 4 pairs of running shoes (and yes, all 4 of them get used on a regular basis)
4. those boxes are not empty...they are what i like to call my fancy shoes that also only get worn once a year
5. they may be hiding, but in the corner there are 2 pairs of slippers
6. not pictured are the 13 other pairs of shoes i keep in the other closet (yes, i have 2 closets with shoes) i share with The Husband

so, if you were keeping track...that is 44 pairs of shoes (but not including the shoes in the garage or snow boots in the attic). i have a serious problem!

what's in your closet?


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I see NO problemo there. You've seen my Claire's show lineup, yes?

Norma said...

Holy flip-flops! And I thought I had a shoe prob, thanks for helping me feel better :)

<3Rhodes<3 said...

Ummmm I have to hang my head a little bit here...I have twice that many pairs of shoes and I'm not coming close to counting the flip flops...If you have a show problem I am in need of a shoe rehab.