August 22, 2011

back to school...

yes folks, it's that time of year again. early mornings and car pool lines, can only mean one thing...the 1st DAY OF SCHOOL!! everyone was up and ready to go this morning, which is always fun, but sadly the excitement doesn't quite last the entire school year. we'll be lucky if we make it into September before the complaining starts.

i was totally expecting to have a minor meltdown when taking P-Donculous into his Kindergarten class, but surprisingly things went smoothly and he was shooing us out the door. of course C was a little more embarrassed that we actually walked him into class. how dare we blow kisses to our 4th grader.

it's funny how much we want them to grow up, but then when we see how fast they are growing up we want them to stop. i can't believe how small they both were when they started school. and to think in another 8 years we'll be saying hello to a high school senior!

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