October 22, 2010

and three weeks later...

i'm horrible! okay, not that i have a million readers, but i have a handful and i feel horrible that i haven't posted anything in almost 3 weeks! i guess you can say it's been a little busy in our house (and it will be like this for us until we ring in the new year). just take a look at my schedule for the next month...is this normal?

and this calendar doesn't include any social gatherings, birthdays, or entertaining. somehow we managed to have every friday free and clear (dang it i just said that out loud).

so, to catch you up on things...in the past few weeks we've been camping, went to the state fair (horribly disgusting), had a good ol' hometown homecoming parade, and went to the pumpkin place. of course this does not include the usual weekly activities of shuttling everyone from football to soccer and back again. did i mention that somewhere in there i'm suppose to cook dinner and keep the house from looking like the underside of a midtown freeway.

anyway, here's a couple photos of our adventures...
(our gang at the State Fair along with the H's - makes for a rowdy bunch)

(NoNo loved him some turkey leg...and chocolate coverd cheesecake on a stick...and fried frito pie...and corn dogs...and frozen lemonade...)

(NoNo's pouty i don't wanna pose face)

(what i like to call the dirty dozen)

(NoNo with his girlfriend)

well, that's about it...until Halloween!!!


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

How the crap you went with all those people to the state fair and came out alive is beyond me.

MommaCakes said...

Angie - that was only one of my friends...now imagine if we went with more of our friends, who all have 3 kids (5 families = 10 adults + 15 kids = craziness!)