July 9, 2010

we like chikin yes we du....

today is Cow Appreciation Day, which means FREE CHICKEN!! and by free i mean we went to Chick-fil-a and ordered our usual (3 kids meals and a #7 with sweet tea) and i didn't even open my wallet. this only happens once a year, so, if you're reading this and wondering how to get your free chicken...gonna have to wait till next summer. of course the place is a mad house, but the kids love it! i think i love it more that i can take my kids out to lunch for free, but that's just me. oh, but wait...there's a catch to getting the free food. in order to enjoy a full table full of goodies for zilch, you have to dress in your best cow attire. for us it's just a shirt and some homemade signs, but it works. (starting to wonder why the homeless aren't in on this idea)
it's now become tradition to dress silly and eat fast food with the Devenny's