April 12, 2010

it's about time....

finally, after 10 weeks of training, we have a group shot! the whole team got together last week for our pizza fundraiser night, and it was a huge success. a ginormous thank you to Harry Awad (owner) and Palio's Pizza for hosting such a great night, and thanks to all the families who came out to support us. we had such a great time working that i started second guessing this whole stay at home mom thing....

Hank's Homies
Jessica K. - Me - Harry - Jen K. - Ana J. - Jessica D.

this weekend we are scheduled to run 16 miles, but unfortunately we had planned (back in January) to surprise the kids by taking them down to San Antonio and Sea World for big man's 8th birthday. which means i'll be missing the group run on saturday!! which means i have to run 16 miles alone, in a strange place! i'm starting to wonder if walking around Sea World would be enough and just skipping the run part, but i don't think skipping the week before our 20 mile run is going to be a good idea.

oh, if you're wondering about the caption, Hank's Homies, that's what we've named ourselves. in honor of our hero, Hank K., whom we've been running, fundraising, and praying for. join the club, we even have hats...HOLLA!

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