February 22, 2010

because i can...

for most everyone, today started out like any other monday, but for me it was a little different. not only is it the dreaded monday, but my gastritis decided to flare up, my hubby went out of town, the kids were very late for school, my Aunt FLO came to visit (with her very crampy cousin) with a vengenance, and it was an overly windy 30 degrees out, but even with all of this on my shoulders...i went out and ran my scheduled 2 miles for marathon training (with a smile on my face). why you ask? because i can.

our last inspirational speaker, at our usual saturday morning Team in Training run, was a father who spoke to us about his son and his battle with leukemia. i normally don't get all gushy and weepy, especially that early in the morning, but this day was a little different. i don't know if it was the time of month or that his son was the same age as my kids are now, but his story hit me hard. i'm not saying i cried like a baby, but it's been almost 3 days now and i can't stop thinking about his story. the point is, his 3 year old son fought a battle that no child should ever have to. so, when someone asks me why i'm running a marathon, my answer (my motto) will always be "BECAUSE I CAN!"

i'm hoping that my work with Team in Training will help in any way that it can. so, yes, every penny that i can raise counts toward something. go ahead and ask yourself how horrible your monday was and then think of how horrible it could really be. okay...off the soapbox i jump and out the door i go for another run, with a smile on my face...

please, if you get a chance and feel like being proactive today, visit my Team in Training page:

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Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

GAH. now you have me feeling all crappy about myself.

jeez. thanks, ash.